Membrane Waterproofing System, Roof Waterproofing, Building Repair in Mumbai

Client Testimonials

Western Waterproofings has executed waterproofing over wooden batons and wooden roof of Standard Chartered Bank building on M. G. Road, Mumbai under our consultancy. This work was carried on 1997 and no leakage is observed in this area.

– Chetan R. Raikar, Structwel Designers And Consultants Pvt. Ltd. , Sep 2000
We faced a severe terrace water leakage problem. We engaged an agency to seal the leakage and they decided to redo the brick bat coba which lead to more leakage and further deteriorated the situation.After our bad experience, we were looking for a better solution which did not involve any breakage of existing structure and which can be done smoothly and efficiently.Western waterproofings offered us exactly the same along with a faster way of executing the project. Membrane waterproofing was done easily, quickly and no mess was involved. Thanks to them, our building is now strong and 100% waterproof even after the guarantee period.

– Sea Beach View Co-Op. Housing Society, May 2008
Western Waterproofings has successfully executed the terrace waterproofing and complete external repairs and painting during the year 2007. They have also done structural repairs with polymers to columns and beams. Complete bathrooms and toilets were renovated and internal common areas were repaired and painted. We are completely satisfied with the quality of work and there was absolutely no leakage during the monsoon. The entire job of renovating our huge premises was done at a very reasonable cost.

– A To Z Industrial Premises And Co-Op Society Ltd., 2007
Western Waterproofings has successfully completed repair (using guniting with G.I. wire mesh reinforcement) and waterproofing works of our building side walls in the year 2001 and the performance is completely satisfactory.

– Hymech Engineers Private Limited, 2001
The entire team was hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable and highly efficient.Western Waterproofings has successfully completed the waterproofing and repair works of our building roofs and side walls during the year 2002 and the work is completely done to our best satisfaction.

– IWL India Limited, 2002
Our office premises leaked profusely from the roof and walls. Various attempts were made to stop the leakage by different agencies but ended in vain. When we decided to sell and move out of the premises, “Western waterproofings” came to our rescue and gave us 100% waterproofing solution.We are amazed by their expertise and commitment to solve all our leakage problems which has helped us to do the interiors of our office.

– N. Mukherjee And Co., Chartered Accountants, December 2002
We hereby confirm that our society had entrusted the work of waterproofing to M/s Western Waterproofings during the year 2005 and we have pleasure to state that we are satisfied with their work and inspite of the heavy rains on 26.07.2005 which Mumbai experienced there are no post monsoon leakages.

– Park Land II Co Operative Housing Society Limited, 2006
Western Waterproofings has executed the waterproofing of CHOWMAHALLA PALACE, roof area measuring 10000 Sq. m., and the results are satisfactory. Based on the quality and performance of the system, we gave them the waterproofing contract of Falaknuma palace, Hyderabad, which is being converted into Taj Hotels.

– Construction Technique, Engineers And Contractors, March 2005
Western Waterproofings executed terrace waterproofing of Amar bhuvan, French Bridge 16 years back. We have observed no leakage or dampness during this period and we are happy with the quality of work.

– Sthapatya Architects And Consultants
Western Waterproofings executed water proofing over wooden batons on RCC sloping roof during 1994 in my bungalow at Lonavla which is one of the places where the rainfall is very heavy. So far we have not faced any leakage or dampness in the above roof.

– Mr. Bomi Adajania, Sep 2000
Western Waterproofings has done external repair works of our building in 2001 and we found the work satisfactory.

– Hilden Packaging Machines Pvt. Ltd., 2001