Membrane Waterproofing System, Roof Waterproofing, Building Repair in Mumbai

Products and Application

Membrane Waterproofing System :

  • The Membrane is a plastic reinforced bituminous waterproofing sheet having multi layers of plastic, modified bitumen and polyester/fiber glass mat.
  • Membrane has a center core of high molecular high density polyethylene which is by itself waterproof.
  • The efficacy of the system does not age with time as the product is plastic based.
  • Plastic does not degenerate or decay and the system is expected to perform for at least 30 years.
  • Membrane has extreme temperature resistance and very good elongation to absorb all structural movements. With high tensile strength the membrane is extremely flexible and pliable to adapt to contours.

Product Range :

  1. Standard – 5 ply, plastic core
  2. Aluminium – 5 ply, plastic core, aluminium finish
  3. Polyester – 7 ply, plastic and polyester cores
  4. Fiberglass – 7 ply, plastic and fiberglass cores
  5. Mineral – 5 ply polyester core, mineral slate finish

Areas of Application :

The membrane waterproofing system can be applied over new and old roofs that include flat and slope roofs. The system is ideal for roofs of any finish like china mosaic, IPS, brick bat coba, tiles, bituminous felt, wooden roofs, A.C.sheet roofs, clay tiled roofs.

This can also be applied to basements, roof gardens, swimming pools, underground metros, bridges and can be used as anti corrosion coating for under ground pipes.

Application Technique :

Application Technique

  • Creating a smooth surface with minimum required slope.
  • Cleaning the surface to eliminate all sharp projections.
  • Creating grooves wherever necessary to terminate the membrane.
  • Coating the suitable bituminous primer/blown bitumen on the surface.
  • Rolling the membrane over the coated surface and bonding with 10 cm overlaps.
  • Laying suitable topping such as cement screed or tiles over the membrane.